Monday, January 4, 2010

Chance To Earn A Necklace

So you want one of my pendant, huh? Well, you can earn one by blogging about! Show me the blog, pick out a pendant and I'll send it too you! Easy as that! So start blogging!



Mad Gypsy said...

Just posted on my blog about how fun your necklaces are! I love the rainbow tie-dye one you have featured. Also the blueish tie-dye peace sign one is too pretty. :)

Klo Designs said...

Awesome! Send me your address at and I'll get that out to you!

Anonymous said...

I saw your forum post! I have featured you in my blog AND I'm now following you!

I love this pendant of yours the best:

Courtney (aka NonpareilSoleil)

ClaireBaby Designs said...

I also blogged about your Scrablle tiles - they are so cute! It's at:

ClaireBaby Designs said...

Oh wait - this is my fav!

And for everyone else, I'm doing a giveaway worth $20 so please go enter at

Gonna go check out your blogs now:)